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James Wittig在接受《 Ink World》杂志采访时强调了三叶对可持续发展和循环经济的承诺。 三叶在可持续发展和循环经济中扮演什么角色? 三叶科技致力于构建油墨产业的未来,高度重视可持续性和合规性。我们持续强化我们的质量控制标准,以确保我们继续朝着一个有责任感的社区成员的方向努力,帮助保护我们的环境——这就是为什么我们在40多年前就开始了PTFE的再生利用。 再生PTFE的使用减少了垃圾填埋场的废物量。到目前为止,我们已经回收了超过1.5亿磅的PTFE。由于我们的努力,我们有效地节省了15亿磅的CO2排放量。 针对预期于2020年7月4日通过REACH修正案,多年来三叶持续投资开发符合监管要求的PTFE产品。我们的研发团队开发了测试方法,以确保我们产品的合规性,每一批次产品均进行检测,并出具COA的保证。 如果您正在寻找以PTFE为基础的产品,用于食品包装油墨,罐头涂料和更多需求可以联系我们的技术团队。我们一对一的对接,以确保使用******添加剂满足其性能要求,并确保其配方符合国际市场的终端合规要求。 欲了解更多信息,请访问我们的网站,或者通过zoom meeting讨论,或者发送邮件至

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June 1 2017 Performance Enhancing Additives

(Excerpts from Article) 06.05.17 This month Coatings World interviewed a number of key suppliers of performance enhancing additives. These include: Avinash Bhaskar, transportation coatings segment manager, Dispersions, Resins & Additives – North America, BASF;  Laura Bittle, sales and global marketing director at Borchers; Silvia Ziebold, global marketing manager industrial applications and Tobias Niederleitner, global technical [...]

April 5 2017 Shamrock Technologies Launches CeraSperse 87NS Non-Skid Wax at ECS 2017

Shamrock Technologies is best known for its waxes, which provide slip and abrasion resistance, but the company’s newest development provides just the opposite. CeraSperse 87NS offers a high COF while maintaining high gloss. It is ideal for wet non-skid. “CeraSperse 87NS is our latest development,” noted Joon Choo, VP of Shamrock Technologies. “Shamrock is famous [...]

Mar 13 2017 Werner Maenen Appointed Managing Director of Shamrock Technologies BVBA

Shamrock Technologies, Inc. announced the appointment of Werner Maenen as managing director for Shamrock Technologies, BVBA. His new functions include oversight and management of operations, key functions and business. “This represents a clear step forward for Shamrock’s business in Europe,” Shamrock president Al Pape said. “We see strong growth opportunities and this structure will allow for [...]

Dec 1 2016 Shamrock Technologies Exhibits Expanded Line of Water Based Products

Shamrock Technologies is exhibiting a variety of products, including its expanded line of water-based waxes and dispersions at CHINACOAT. Shamrock offers a broad line of specialty micronized powders, dispersions, emulsions, and compounds including PTFE, polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoropolymers, custom wax alloys, natural waxes, and other specialty additives. Among the latest product offerings from Shamrock is a polyurethane-based polyethylene that features [...]

Nov. 14 2016 EM Sullivan Named East Coast Representative for Shamrock

November 14, 2016 Will cover sales and service of PTFE micropowders, texturing agents and specialty wax powders on east coast of the US. Shamrock Technologies, Inc. named EM Sullivan to its family of agents in North America, covering sales and service of PTFE micropowders, texturing agents, and specialty wax powders on the east coast of the US. Shamrock [...]

May 4 2016 Shamrock Technologies Names Al Pape as New President

Shamrock Technologies, Inc. has named Al Pape as president to advance the company’s outstanding history of helping customers address complex lubricating additives challenges. As president, Pape will lead the company in expanding the breadth and global footprint of its market-leading line of specialty micronized powders, dispersions, emulsions and compounds including PTFE, waxes and other additives. [...]

April 8, 2016 Exhibitors Look Forward to a Productive American Coatings Show

By Kerry Pianoforte, Editor | April 8, 2016 Excerpts from the article: Held in partnership with the American Coatings Association (ACA) and Vincentz Network  – the organizer of the European Coatings Show and Conference – the American Coatings Show and Conference (ACS/ACC) is an exhibition and technical conference designed as a sister event to the [...]

Jan 24 2012- CHINACOAT2011 Was A Massive Success

By Tim Wright, Editor | January 24, 2012 CHINACOAT2011 in Shanghai mirrored China's growing and dynamic coatings industry. The 16th China International Exhibition for Coatings, Printing Inks and Adhesives (CHINACOAT2011) successfully closed on Nov. 25, 2011 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, PR China. The show once again achieved record-breaking results in [...]