Shamrock Technologies is best known for its waxes, which provide slip and abrasion resistance, but the company’s newest development provides just the opposite.

CeraSperse 87NS offers a high COF while maintaining high gloss. It is ideal for wet non-skid.
“CeraSperse 87NS is our latest development,” noted Joon Choo, VP of Shamrock Technologies. “Shamrock is famous for slip and abrasion resistance, but our customers also wanted a non-skid wax for coatings for airplanes and high-end flooring such as automotive showrooms. CeraSperse 87NS is particularly good for wet non-skid, as it enhances resin performance when it is wet.”

Also new from Shamrock Technologies is its Shamrock’s Haptic Feel texturing stir-in powders consisting of polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE, PMMA and modified PU polymers in a controlled range of particle sizes.

XT-1010, XT-1012 and XT-1017 are a blend of PTFE and wax and provide a combination of slip and abrasion resistance.

“Our XT Series of Haptic Feel products provide excellent feel, and offer very good burnishing resistance,” Choo said. “We offer them in solvent- and water-based formulations.”

Also new this year is XR-156, a micronized polyethylene wax powder that provides abrasion resistance and matting in water- and solvent-based wood coatings.

(Coatings World)