By Dave Savastano, Editor | May 20, 2015

William Neuberg, chairman and technical director of Shamrock Technologies, is a scientist with an endless curiosity. “I don’t know what makes me tick, but I do kind of get fascinated by how things work,”  Neuberg said.

Neuberg, who received NAPIM’s prestigious Technical Associate Member (TAM) Service Award in 1996 and the Metro New York Printing Ink Association’s (MNYPIA) Man of the Year Award in 2013, joined his father’s company after serving as a Navy pilot. He first developed manufacturing and sales for cream of tartar, then set his mind to waxes.

Neuberg developed grinding processes for waxes used in printing inks, introducing the use of PTFE in printing ink. He also investigated mechanisms on how waxes work to impart rub resistance in printing inks, and developed the process to radiate PTFE to make into micropowders.

Since succeeding his father as president in 1983, he has grown the organization and expanded Shamrock Technologies to include six manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia, totaling more than a half a million square feet. His sense of curiosity continues even now, as Neuberg works on new and fundamental technologies at Shamrock.

(Ink World)